By Matt Levinson


Matt Levinson asks the question, “How wide should the window of use be opened to enhance teaching and learning” (22)?  My question is, are we really going to limit the use of something that enhances teaching and learning?  Levinson and other technology people say it over and over but educators seem to not be listening.  The world has changed and we cannot turn back the clock.  Our society is integrated with technology.  Why do we continue to insist that our schools not be?  Our schools need a fundamental change I have said that phrase a hundred times in the last few years and I think more teachers are starting to take up the refrain.  Levinson says that “the old hierarchical model of education needs dismantled in favor of cross-platform teaching and learning” (40).  The sentiment is the same.  Our students were raised in a plugged in world.  They play, think, communicate, fall in love and form relationships in a different ways than we did.  Technology is part of every aspect of their lives.  We should be taking advantage of it not trying to stop the progression.  Its like saying paper was a great invention but if we use paper in school students won’t have to remember anything anymore.  Although, I am guessing that someone feared the use of  paper too.

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